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Yorkie911 Rescue, Inc.

Red leash rule

Welcome to Yorkie911 Rescue!

Our Mission:   
Dedicated to rescuing and finding "fur-ever" homes for Yorkies and other toy breeds.
Yorkie911 Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)3 non profit organization comprised of hard-working volunteers who are passionate about rescuing, protecting and raising awareness about the Yorkshire Terrier breed.  Our goal is to find the best home environment possible for each and every dog we take into rescue.  We have years of experience with small dogs, specifically Yorkies, as well as years of working in rescue.  We realize we can not save all of the small dogs on the planet but we will try.  
Yorkie911 Doggie Rescue Squad 
Red leash rule

Meet Charlotte - our "Ambassadog"

One week after surgery:
Charlotte the Ambassadog
She's a Tri-Paw'd Yorkie - even with only 3 legs, she's a force to be reckoned with!








One month later:

Charlotte - July  2010
You can barely see the scar - and LOOK AT HER SMILE!








Few months later:

Charlotte -  Oct 2010

Her hair has grown in over the scar real nice and she is eating quite well!  She is such a Diva!












Charlotte, our Ambassadog, is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met!  We couldn't thank Dori and her staff at Save-A-Pet enough for bringing her into our lives.  Charlotte has such an admiration for people, despite being found as a stray in a construction site somewhere in Queens, NY.  When she was found, she had a dangling front leg that was deemed useless and so it was amputated.  Charlotte has absolutely no idea that she is missing her front leg as she gets around as any other Yorkie would.  She absolutely loves people and being the center of attention.  Charlotte is a beautiful Yorkie with so much charisma, spunk, character and spirit.  Yorkie911 Rescue, Inc., could not have asked for a better representation of who we are or what our mission is all about! 

Thank you for rescuing us Charlotte!

P.O. Box 2627 •  North Babylon, NY 11703  •  (631) 965-6418 •