Donation Information


Yorkie911 Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run by volunteers.  100% of all donations go to rescuing and taking care of the medical needs of the pups.  If you would like to make a donation, please click on the paypal button .  No amount is too small.  Please help us help them.

Some of the dogs we have helped .

Charlotte Donation Pg Sophia

Pictured Left: Charlotte, Our Ambassadog, recovered from her amputated leg in rescue. 

Pictured Right: Sophia was terribly matted when she arrived in rescue. She had a dental, was groomed, fully vaccinated & spayed before being adopted.


Booboo Donate Capt Jack Sparrow  Donation Page

Pictured Left: Booboo, a puppymill survivor from our first *Pup My Ride* on Sept 1, 2010 with Best Friends Animal Society was "cleaned up" and spayed before being adopted. 

Pictured Right: Captain Jack Sparrow, another puppymill survivor from the November 10, 2010 *Pup My Ride* with Best Friends Animal Society, had cherry eye that was treated.  He was also neutered prior to his adoption.


Sophie Donation Page Lexi Donation Page

Pictured Left: Sophie, one of four Yorkies surrendered by the previous owner, looked worse than most of our puppymill survivors.  She was spayed prior to adoption.

Pictured Right: Lexi is the daughter of Sophie, pictured left, was also surrendered by their previous owner.  Both needed a serious bathing, grooming, nail trimming, vaccinations and to be spayed!

Sophie & Lexi have since been adopted together!


Sadie Before Donation Pg Sadie During Donation Pg Sadie After Donation Pg

                             Sadie "Before"                                  Sadie "During"                          Sadie "After"                   

Pictured Above: Sadie, a puppymill survivor from our March 29, 2011 *Pup My Ride* with Best Friends Animal Society was severly matted & had terribly dry skin.  She was groomed, bathed and now looks & feels great!  Sadie was spayed before being adopted.


Donation Page: 8 wk Finster 

Pictured Above: Finster, also known as Fin, is the youngest pup to become a part of the Yorkie911 Foster Care Program. At only 8 weeks old, he was infested with fleas, tested positive for Giardia and had a broken rear foot. He later got tapeworm & the news that his foot could never be fixed. Amputation is the final option. Despite his challenges being a Special Needs pup, he remains sweet and continues to grow!  Fin was neutered and has since been adopted.



Donation Page: Jiggy 

Pictured Above: Jiggy is a pint-sized Yorkie with a serious hernia problem.  Prior to his rescue debut, Jiggy had already had 2 hernia surgeries but upon discovery of a third hernia, his family surrendered him.  Jiggy has since had 2 more hernia surgeries while in Rescue, one of which he needed a mesh donated by the manufacturer Covidien.  We pray that Jiggy will be healthy moving forward but seeing as this little guy has already had 4 hernia surgeries in his lifetime, we will never be 100% sure if a hernia will return.  Please consider donating to Yorkie911 to help me and other pups like me.